How to create a SubscribeMe Link

SubscribeMe urls are of the form[&otherfeed=othervalue], so construct a URL containing the various syndication feeds you put out, like this:­?rss=­atom=­rss2=

Or, a bit more readably:

(Currently recognised feeds are rss, rss2, atom, esf & livejournal. Leave out any you don't have/want to use. Livejournal is the journal of the feed of your site on If you don't know if you have one, or can't be bothered to find it, don't worry, if someone tries to subscribe to your site as a LJ, the script will scan LJ's Syndicated feeds to see if your site is on there and forward appropriately)

Then put it in a link like this: <a href="­rss=­atom=­rss2=">Subscribe to this weblog</a> becomes: Subscribe to this weblog

Or in an image (probably not the orange XML button, though, Dave gets annoyed if people try to subvert that). There is not an 'official' SubscribeMe image to use, partly because I couldn't think of an icon. If you can, or - even better - can create one, send it to me and I'll put it here.

Icons I've been sent:

Special Note for LiveJournal Users

Save these to your web page. Do not link to them here

If you're adding a subscribeme link for a LiveJournal (As opposed to an RSS feed syndicating with LJ) Please add &rss=[YOURUSERNAME]/data/&atom=[YOURUSERNAME]/data/atom as well as livejournal=[YOURUSERNAME].